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​Completed prefabricated systems:



AC-DC Electrical Logistics

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We install all the wires and brackets in the panels so clients only need to mount and its finished

All possible installations are prepared in advance
– Mount lugs ground bars, bond ground and neutral bar, create care package for all remaining loose materials that cannot be installed prior to delivery
– Precut flex and wire based on CAD electric room design
– Knock outs for primary and secondary feeds
– Make all required ground connections

We Provide:

- Customized assemblies
- Electrical rough in assembly boxes with corresponding MC cables
- Labeled stickers
- Cables labeled with connection points
- Home run conduits, underground/over head conduits, in wall wire runs
- In wall rough: floor brackets, stud brackets, mc runs
- Load center fabrications
- Fixture whips
- Completed prefabricated systems: panels and transformers

    ACDC warehouse is at a centralized location to easily allow the flow of material from supplier and beneficiaries. ACDC has established warehouse procedures that regulate in-house activities that maintain a high level checks and balances. ACDC utilizes over 12,000 sq ft of warehouse space. This is divided into designated areas for pre fabrication and storage. 
    The first step to proper storage is to clearly label all electrical material during the inbound receipt then place in the selected area to ensure all material is group with the project. Storage is a huge aspect of the Just In Time (JIT) approach, to delivery material exactly when it is needed.  ACDC utilizes multiple means of packaging to ensure the product arrives in great condition; this includes metal banding, clear shrink-wrap, or cardboard boxes. Every package is clearly labeled to identify the items and location the product will need to be delivered to inside the facility.  

    Our one stop shop company provides clients with excellent customer care. We’ll even send an assistant to help aid installments upon request!

    We provide customized assemblies to accommodate all our clients individualized project needs. Our services benefit clients by creating fast, easy installations and aesthetically consistent systems.
    Using our reliable, easy to install design plans not only creates a smooth, quickened installation phase but it also gives the ability to reduce errors in design documents and creates higher rates of investment returns.